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About Maruyasu Tea Industry

It has been 140 years since the teahouse was opened in the Tsuchiyama area along the Tokaido in 1897, and we have been delivering clean aromas and deep flavors.
We will continue to devote ourselves to carefully selecting the safe and secure "Omi no Cha" Tsuchiyama tea (Tsuchiyama town) and Asamiya tea (Shigaraki town) in the local area, Koka city, so that you can enjoy them deliciously and happily.

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この度、丸安茶業ではより安全に茶の開発・製造を行うために食品安全マネジメントシステム「ISO22000:2018」の審査を受け無事に登録いただきました。 今後もより良いお品物を皆様へ提供できるように精進して参ります。

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Please contact us for product development and store menu planning.

We also sell commercial tea leaves and powders.
Please feel free to contact us.