Bungeishunju CREA publication commemoration
A gentle latte set that foams softly using authentic stone milled matcha.
5 bottles each
name Foaming tea latte CREA publication commemorative set
Raw material origin name Matcha (produced in Shiga Prefecture) Hojicha (produced in Shiga Prefecture)
Raw material name Sugar, lactose, whole milk powder, vegetable fat, matcha (produced in Shiga prefecture), roasted tea (produced in Shiga prefecture), dextrin, sweetened milk powder, corn syrup, skim milk powder, salt, emulsifier (derived from soybean) casein Na, pH adjuster, Seasoning (nucleic acid, etc.)
Sell by Unopened, about 8 months (details on the package)
Preservation method Avoid high temperature and humidity.
Notes Consume immediately after opening the individual wrapping.
Manufacturer Maruyasu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Foaming tea latte CREA publication commemorative set


Tax included.

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