It has been 140 years since the first Yasuyoshi Maeno opened a teahouse in the Tsuchiyama area along the Tokaido in 1897, and has delivered a clean scent and a deep taste. In the olden days, "tea" was a drink that was only consumed by noble people as a wonderful medicine. In recent years, research on the effects of the active ingredients of tea has been announced, and it is becoming more popular as an easy-to-drink health drink.

 We will continue to devote ourselves to carefully selecting the safe and secure "Omi no Cha" Tsuchiyama tea (Tsuchiyama town) and Asamiya tea (Shigaraki town) in the local area, Koka city, so that you can enjoy them deliciously and happily.

140 years, founder Yasukichi Maeno since opened a teahouse this place, in the land of Tokaido along Tsuchiyama in Meiji 5 (1872), we have delivered the taste and rich aroma clean. In the old days, tea was the drink to be drinking only people of noble ranking as a miracle cure. In recent years, the popularity has increased as a health drink efficacy of the active ingredient with he tea drinkable research presentations easily.

We will continue to effort our hometown Koka city ohmi ’s tea (tsuchiyama tea), asamiya tea of a safe and secure to be able drink it tasty and happily with carefully selected more.


Company Profile

company name
Company name
Maruyasu Tea Co. Ltd.
contact information
TEL 0748-67-0015 / + 81-748-67-0015


FAX 0748-67-1261 / + 81-748-67-1261

business hours
Business hours
Weekday 8: 00-19: 00
Sunday, a public holiday 9: 00-18: 00
Special holiday
January 1, a temporary closure day
Yasushi Maeno (Instructor of Japanese tea)
267 Tsuchiyama-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga (along Route 1)
267 Tongu, Tsuchiyama, Koka-City, Shiga
528-0231, Japan
Main business
The main business
Tea manufacture, Wholesale and sale of Japanese tea
number of employees
The number of employees
10 people
Major banks
Main financing bank
Shiga Bank Tsuchiyama branch
Member organization
Member organization
Shiga Prefectural Tea Industry Council / Shiga Prefectural Tea Commercial Cooperative
Foundation year
Meiji 5th year / since 1872
Cold refrigerator


Green tea finish machining line

Yanagi and Bancha (Coarse tea) finish machining line

Hojicha (Roasted green tea) machining line

Konacha (Dust tea) machining line

Automatic bag machine

Tea bag automatic packaging machine

Nitrogen gas charge automatic canned food process machine

Metallic measure and alien substance removal line

Ultra fine powder machine jet mill

Particle size measuring instrument

ISO  ISO9001 (quality) JQA-QMA12110
Maruyasu Tea Industry Co., Ltd. has acquired ISO9001 certification, which is an international standard for quality control and quality assurance, for the manufacture of tea and the purchase and sale of crude tea.
Certification ISO9001.
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Appearance photograph


Equipped with parking lot. Please feel free to drop by.
Parking lot full equipment. Please do not hesitate to drop in.