Hojicha is a delicious tea that aims to be roasted on high heat and has a strong taste, assuming that it will be served with water. We roasted the stems of sencha from Shiga prefecture and pursued the aroma so as not to lose to water. How to make: It is a tea bag. Put 1 or 2 tea bags per liter and cool it in the refrigerator before drinking. If it becomes thick, dilute it with water.

The sweet and mellow aroma and taste of Hojicha stems are the best!

In the Hokuriku region, Hojicha with stems is so famous that it was presented to the former emperor as a luxury item. Normally, hojicha is served in boiling water, but you can enjoy the taste and aroma even with water!

Watered stem roasted tea

Tetrapod type so that the shape of the tea bag is easy to come out

The recipe is very easy! Put the tea bag in water → wait. That's it.

By draining water, the bitter components catechin, tannin, and caffeine are hardly extracted, and you can feel the sweetness and umami. The refreshing taste makes it ideal for meals and refreshments! The guideline is about 1 to 2 hours, but if you shake it, it will be extracted a little faster. Just put one or two tea bags per liter! Please adjust the number according to your taste preference. You can rest assured that it will not be bitter because it is water even if it becomes thick.

Refrigerate and wait

Of course, it's delicious even if you put it out in hot water! For a taste different from watering ...

There are many questions other than that, but since it is watered, hot water is not good, right? something like. Of course, you can drink it deliciously even if you take it out with hot water. It has a strong taste, so you can drink it in plenty of hot water in about 30 seconds.

Put a tea bag in a kyusu or clay bottle and pour boiling water.

It is also very popular as a gift.

Set of Mizudashi Sencha and Mizudashi Hojicha

Watered Sencha Tea Bag

Watered stem roasted tea

Hojicha with water stem / Sencha with water
name Watered stem roasted tea bag
Raw material origin name Shiga Prefecture
Raw material name Green Tea
Aracha Kukicha
Tea season Bancha
Sell by Unopened, about 1 year (details on the package)
Preservation method Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of fragrance.
Notes After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.
Manufacturer Maruyasu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Watered stem roasted tea bag


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