It was reborn as a Kyusu from a baby bottle. 【 light. Does not break. It's not hot. ] Make your tea time more enjoyable and comfortable with a casual Kyusu! Even with boiling water. Even on ice. Fine! !!

Transparent style Kyusu weighing 108g

It weighs 108g. 108 is named after Chaju, who is 108 years old. It feels congratulations, but what is surprising is its lightness. It's lighter than a mobile phone.

Light, durable and transparent

Tea plantation and air teapot

Lake Biwa and Air Teapot

Safe and clean using the same material as baby bottles. And it doesn't break.

Safe and clean using a new material called Tritan, which is also used for baby bottles. And even if you drop it, it won't break. It doesn't get hot when it hits the skin. It's such a magical teapot.

Simple design

Stacking is okay

Can also be used in boiling water. And you can use it with ice.

Hot water is fine! !!

Of course ice is fine!

Heat-resistant temperature 110 ℃ Cold-resistant temperature -20 ℃, so I'm surprised! It can be said that the specifications are more than sufficient for Kyusu.

Packaging is as easy as possible. simply.


Packaged in a bag because it does not break.

Normally, the kyusu is put in a box to prevent it from breaking, but this kyusu is okay. Since it does not break, you can put it in a bag and hand it casually.

name Clear teapot stainless mesh teapot
Raw material name Lid / Body: Saturated polyester resin (heat resistant temperature 110 ℃ / cold resistant temperature -20 ℃)
Strainer: 18-8 stainless steel
Compatible with Japanese tea, Chinese tea, Taiwanese tea, and black tea / Light steaming-Medium steaming-Deep steaming compatible / Ice removal compatible / Dishwasher usable / Bleach / alcohol available / BPA free
Capacity: 260ml

Light, unbreakable, not hot air teapot


Tax included.

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