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A long-established Japanese tea specialty store in Shiga PrefectureMaruyasu Tea IndustryWants to drink tea outdoors, a lifestyle tableware makerKINTOOf the company and the paper-cutting artistHayakawa Iron SoldierI talked to him and realized it. I want you to rehydrate and replenish your mind with delicious tea for camping, cycling and hiking.


This is a collaboration between KINTO, which manufactures lifestyle tableware, Tetsuhei Hayakawa, an animal paper-cutting artist, and Maruyasu Tea Industry, an Omi tea wholesaler. I wanted everyone who enjoys the outdoors with original bottles, original designs, and original Japanese tea to enjoy delicious tea time.

What the three have in common is that they are based in "Shiga Prefecture".

Shiga Prefecture is full of nature, camping, glamping, mountain climbing and playing in the water at Lake Biwa. It is a land that is truly loved by nature for both bass fishing and mountain stream fishing. You can enjoy the starry sky that will be sucked in in winter.

Please take this tumbler and Japanese tea with you on your trip.

Usage scene / Usage / operation method

-TRAVEL TUMBLER- Travel Tumbler

NATURAL DRINKING More natural by eliminating foreign body sensation

Aiming for a natural drinking feel like a glass or mug, we designed it so that it feels good and can be drunk from anywhere in 360 degrees by eliminating protrusions such as screws.

VACUUM INSULATED Heat and cold insulation effect

The bottle body has a double structure of stainless steel. By creating a vacuum between the outer bottle and the inner bottle, heat dissipation due to convection is prevented. Furthermore, by covering the outside of the inner bottle with metal leaf, heat is trapped inside and the heat and cold insulation effect is enhanced, so that you can relax at a delicious temperature at any time.

OUTDOOR DURABILITY Durable and tough material

We are particular about materials and texture as well as ease of use so that you can use it for a long time. The body of the bottle is made of 18-8 stainless steel, which is resistant to rust and has excellent durability, and the surface is powder coated to prevent scratches.

CLEAN & FRESH Clean surface finish

Made of high quality stainless steel, you can enjoy the original aroma of drinks. In addition, the inside of the bottle is electropolished to make the surface smooth so that it does not easily get dirty such as odors and tea astringency.


Paper-cutting design Eight-phase auspicious raccoon dog

What is eight-phase luck? ?? Wherever you go in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture, you will find raccoon dogs.
This form that I can not hate somehow is "Eight-phase luckIt represents an auspicious occasion called.

Work scenery of fine paper-cutting Writer Tetsuhei Hayakawa

Precisely. Beautiful. politely. I will cut out the paper.

-JAPANESE TEA -Japanese tea

Mr. Yasuharu Maeno, a tea master who makes tea to match the travel tumbler

Shiga Prefecture is a teahouse with a long history that is said to be the birthplace of Japanese tea, but it is a small production area nationwide. (13th or 14th)

The selected teas are "sencha", "stem roasted tea", and "Tongu Japanese black tea", all in tea bags.

From the left, Sencha, Hojicha, Tongu Japanese black tea

Easy to make!

-WHY? – Is there a reason to buy it?

Drinking PET bottled beverages every day produces a lot of plastic waste.
Not to mention eco-bags, making my tumbler can reduce hundreds of PET bottles a year.

Above all, using this travel tumbler to make tea, tea, or coffee is much easier on your wallet.

-IMAGE – Usage image

It will be a strong ally for the outdoors. There are also cold drinks. Free hot drinks.

Of course, you can spend your tea time comfortably at the office desk, which improves work efficiency.

So that everyone who loves cycling and hiking can drink delicious tea anywhere.

Specifications and structure

◆ Size: φ70 x H170 mm / 350 ml / 245 g (The mouthpiece is about φ57 mm, and the narrow part of the main body is about φ53 mm)
◆ Material: Stainless steel, polypropylene, silicone
◆ BPA free
◆ Heat insulation effect: 65 ℃ or more (6 hours) Cold insulation effect: 8 ℃ or less (6 hours)

◆ The vacuum double structure provides excellent heat and cold insulation, and you can enjoy the original flavor of drinks such as single-origin coffee, tea, and mineral water for a long time. The mouthpiece has no protrusions such as screws and has a gentle mouthfeel. With a structure that prevents ice and hot drinks from coming out vigorously, you can drink naturally until the end.
◆ Powder coating is a paint made by finely crushing pigments, hardeners, additives, resins, fillers, etc. into powder, and this powder coating is directly sprayed onto the object to be coated (metal, etc.) to coat it. Is called powder coating.
The coating film is very strong and is not easily scratched.Durable paintis.

It has excellent heat resistance and oil resistance, and it fits well on the skin, making it easy to hold and difficult to remove bottles and tumblers.

◆ Japanese tea (sencha): We used tea from Shiga prefecture. So that it can be served deliciously with water or hot water. Trial and error was done so that the color would be bright green. 5g x 10

◆ Japanese tea (Kukicha): Only the stems of the first tea from Shiga prefecture are roasted lightly. It was cooled rapidly so that the aroma of roasting would not come off, and the flavor was trapped. 5g x 10

◆ Japanese black tea (Tongu Japanese black tea): A straight-drinking Japanese black tea cultivated in the Tongu district of Shiga prefecture, made in the image of a princess named Saio. 4g x 10

Tanuki tumbler & tea is now on sale!


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