Matcha from Shiga prefecture is a very new product that has been made in the last few years. Although the history of sencha is the oldest in Japan, matcha is the newest. We have finally decided to have everyone drink such Heisei-born matcha. It is also good to use a chasen in earnest. You can also use it as a matcha latte by splitting it with milk. Let's enjoy matcha comfortably without stretching your shoulders.

Dark tea and light tea

All matcha can be eaten as light tea, but since dark tea is deeply kneaded and eaten, low-grade products with strong bitterness and astringency are not suitable, and among matcha, high-quality products with a particularly high-quality and elegant aroma and mellowness are preferred. It will be rare. In our garden, "Tea gold"Is for both dark and light tea,"fanThe following is recommended for light brown.

What are the ingredients?

The raw material for matcha is Tencha, which is different from ordinary green tea. The tea is covered for at least 20 days before it is picked, and the fresh leaves are steamed and dried without rubbing. Similar to Gyokuro, the tea leaves covered before harvesting are steamed and dried in a Tencha furnace. The shape is similar to green laver because there is no process of kneading the tea leaves like sencha. The scent has a unique scent like gyokuro, and is characterized by a moderately fragrant scent.

Tencha, the raw material for matcha

Sensory examination

Finish fluffy through the mesh

Grind slowly

name Matcha
Raw material origin name Shiga Prefecture
Raw material name Tencha
Tea season Ichibancha
Sell by 8 months
Preservation method Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of fragrance.
Notes After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.
Manufacturer Maruyasu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Matcha fan


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