Kabusecha carefully cultivated in Shiga prefecture. It is called "Kabusecha" by covering it with a cover to bring out the umami and sweetness. It has a very strong umami and sweetness, and it does not become bitter even if you add hot water, and you can feel the umami strongly with lukewarm water.

"Tongu" tongu, the largest production area in Shiga prefecture

The most representative tea in the largest production area. Tongu Kabuse is a tea with a strong umami that is made with great care by local producers.
The color is bright green and is gentle and feminine.

Same as gyokuro where it blocks direct sunlight and gives umami
Tongu Grand Tea Garden

The varieties used are characteristic. "Okumidori" "Samidori" "Okuyutaka"

These teas, which have distinctive varieties, are roasted and blended independently by the connoisseurs of tea masters to create deliciousness.
Therefore, you can feel the depth and depth of the taste, which is intricately intertwined.


Tongu crown


Is it expensive? Is it cheap?

It's really cheap. If a regular customer buys it through the regular route, it will probably double the price. Our shop consistently handles everything from the farm to the finishing of tea. And to be honest, I wanted you to try this tea, so I made it cheaper. Please. Please drink.

name Green Tea
Raw material origin name Made in Shiga Prefecture
Raw material name Tea (no additives)
Aracha Kabusecha
Tea season Ichibancha
Sell by Unopened, about 1 year (details on the package)
Preservation method Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of fragrance.
Notes After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.
Manufacturer Maruyasu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Tongu crown


Tax included.

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