We pursued ease of drinking. Cool it with ice and drink it! Add about 2 heaps of spoons to 200cc, stir and divide with water or milk to complete! It is also versatile as a thick brewed shaved ice syrup.

I want to gulp down in the summer! Matcha with a little sugar!

We combined sugar with matcha ground in our shop to make it easy to drink and delicious.
You can dissolve it in water! You can break it with milk! You can break it with carbonic acid! You can divide it with beer!
Is it okay to be so infinite? It's good!

name green tea
Raw material origin name Shiga Prefecture
Raw material name Sugar, matcha
Aracha Finished tea
Tea season Ichibancha
Sell by Unopened, about 1 year (details on the package)
Preservation method Avoid high temperature and humidity, and be careful of fragrance.
Notes After opening, please enjoy as soon as possible.
Manufacturer Maruyasu Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Season! Green tea light brown sugar


Tax included.

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