A wine bottle type filter-in bottle made from the desire to enjoy watered tea at mealtime like wine. Since the filter is set in the spout part, you can pour it as it is.

Feel free to enjoy watered tea
Wine bottle type filter-in bottle

HARIO's filter-in bottle is a wine bottle type watering tea pot that combines a heat-resistant glass body and a silicone spout.

Since it is a casual form that can be put on the table as it is, you can easily enjoy watered tea in an atmosphere where you can enjoy wine at the time of meal.

Non-alcoholic drinks prepared for those who do not drink will be very pleased if you serve them in this bottle with a nice atmosphere!

You can make watered green tea, black tea, and fruit tea.

Easy to pour.

Features → The original mellow taste of tea leaves

Tea leaves are rich in theanine, which is a sweet ingredient, and amino acids, which are umami ingredients. These are also extracted with cold water. If you put it out in boiling water, tannins and caffeine will come out, so the sweetness and umami will be canceled out. You can feel the sweetness and umami straight by draining the water.

How to brew

Put about 15g of tea leaves in the bottle.

Pour water up to the ★ mark and attach the stopper with the filter set.

Put it in the refrigerator and it will be ready in 3 to 6 hours. Shake the bottle to extract faster.

Recommended tea for watering tea

Sencha Saio no Sato: The aroma, umami, and astringency are just right.

Tongu Crown: The strong flavor peculiar to Kabusecha can be extracted.

Karigane Hojicha (light roast): You can make fragrant watered Hojicha.
name Filter-in bottle
Raw material name Spout / stopper: Silicone rubber
Filter: polypropylene

Wine bottle type watered tea bottle


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